Introducing APUBS

Introducing APUBS

Hello ASCILITE Community
First, some exciting news - the ASCILITE Executive have established a publications team to setup ASCILITE Publications (APUBS) as our own platform for publishing ASCILITE Conference papers and a publication pathway for 'non-traditional’ articles from the ASCILITE community. This is a work in progress as we setup and configure a self-hosted version of the Open Journal System (OJS), with the ASCILITE 2022 Conference using APUBS as the submission, review, and publication platform for the first time. 
As part of the setup process, we are also publishing our first APUBS Issue based upon the 2019 ASCILITE Conference proceedings. If you are an author of an ASCILITE 2019 paper you may receive automatic notification from the APUBS system when your paper is back-published into the 2019 Issue - don’t worry, this is not an ‘error’ and needs no action from you, it’s just because the paper has been resubmitted to a new system. This means your past ASCILITE Conference papers will be published in APUBS with a citable DOI, metrics, and a great looking format. Publishing the past 25+ years of ASCILITE Conference papers in APUBS will also create a consistent permanent archive that has many features - such as a central repository with search functionality, metrics, and associated DOIs, giving your ASCILITE Conference contributions wider impact.
Unfortunately, like any new system we are ironing out the bugs as we go, but those emails from APUBS should be good news going forward! Bear with us as we tweak the OJS system for APUBS and sort out the email bounces etc that you may have received through the system. If you are a submitter or reviewer for ASCILITE 2022 you should also be aware that emails will arrive from APUBS going forward and ensure these are allowed in your spam filter settings.
Nonetheless, if you have any concerns, please get in touch with us. We’re excited about the future of APUBS and tying in with the 2022 Conference theme as we Reconnect the ASCILITE community’s 25+ years of conference proceedings!
The APUBS editorial team.