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ASCILITE Publications (ISSN 2653-665X) provides a peer-reviewed fully open access publication platform for traditional and non-traditional publications in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in Australasia and abroad. It aims to provide a scholarly distribution and publication pathway for these alternative forms of best practice and thought to traditional journal articles - increasing the reach and impact of TEL to international contributions and an audience beyond the academy. ASCILITE Publications encourages contributions and involvement from early-career academics (including RHD candidates), teaching practitioners and professional staff.


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2019: ACODE Whitepapers

ASCILITE is proud to publish these whitepapers for ACODE as part of our MoU. ACODE's mission is to enhance policy and practice in Australasian higher education around technology enhanced learning and teaching at institutional, national and international levels.

For more information about ACODE, visit https://www.acode.edu.au/

Published: 2023-08-16
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