Design Patterns for Connected Learning at Scale


  • Stephanie Wilson The University of Sydney
  • Andrew Cram The University of Sydney
  • Jessica Tyrrell The University of Sydney
  • Dewa Wardak The University of Sydney



design patterns, connected learning, scale, educational technology


Design patterns make hidden knowledge explicit and shareable. They are a tool to reflect on and communicate practical educational strategies for solving recurring problems. In this workshop we will explore and share educational design patterns for connected learning at scale that use educational technology to help students build connections with educators, peers and purpose. Participants will engage in object-based learning at the Chau Chak Wing Museum to consider and reflect on the nature of patterns and discuss how patterns are present in their educational work. After collectively identifying educational challenges related to ‘problems of scale’ in teaching and learning practice, we will use a design pattern template to discuss and capture potential technology-enabled solutions to challenges relevant to individual participants’ contexts. To support this process, existing design patterns from the University of Sydney Business School’s Connected Learning at Scale Project (CLaS) will be shared and discussed, with participant feedback contributing to the further shaping and improvement of these ‘live’ patterns.

Author Biographies

Stephanie Wilson, The University of Sydney

Stephanie Wilson is a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director (CLaS Project) with Business Co-Design (BCD). Prior to this she worked with Educational Innovation in Business as Academic Lead, Teaching Practice. From 2014-2019 she was responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of a range of professional development programs in the Business School including the Tutor Development Program. In 2017-2018 she coordinated the Educational Practice in Business Research Group and co-convened the Innovative Learning Spaces SIG for the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation. She is a Senior Fellow (SFHEA) of Advance HE (UK) and an assessor and mentor for the Sydney Educational Fellowship Program. Her research spans peer learning, educational futures, studio learning, and the designed environment in higher education.

Andrew Cram, The University of Sydney

Andrew is Lecturer, Educational Development with the Business Co-Design team, and works closely with academics to help identify and realise curriculum improvements to better support student learning and success.

He brings to the role almost 20 years of experience in educational design, learning technologies and digital learning leadership across multiple sectors, and a passion for exploring emerging models of technology-enabled learning that generate new opportunities to improve education.?

Research interests include design frameworks for aligning pedagogy and technology, the measurement of service quality for online students, and evidence-based improvements of teaching and curriculum.?

Jessica Tyrrell, The University of Sydney

Jessica Tyrrell is a teacher and educational researcher with 10 years experience in the tertiary sector. jessica’s teaching interests focus on studio-based pedagogies and creative (practice-based) research. jessica joined the University of Sydney’s Business School in 2019 as a Lecturer in Educational Development with Business Co-Design. jessica is currently co-designing educational innovations in a range of units as part of the Connected Learning at Scale (CLaS) strategic project.

Dewa Wardak, The University of Sydney

With a background in Learning Sciences, Dewa Wardak leads the design, development, and evaluation of large units of study at the Business School. Working as part of the multidisciplinary Business Co-Design team, Dewa collaborates with academics at the Business School to transform the learner experience through co-designing engaging and authentic activities and assessments. Dewa is a Fellow of Advance HE (UK) and had been a teacher educator at the Sydney School of Education and Social Work for many years before joining the Business School. Combining her passion for technology supported learning with educational design, she explores broad areas of research including networked learning, pattern languages, meaningful learning experiences for students in higher education, multimodal approaches to the analysis of learning and teaching, and research supervision and mentoring.






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