Learning Analytics implementations in universities: Towards a model of success, using multiple case studies


  • Jo-Anne Clark Griffith University
  • David Tuffley Griffith University


Learning Analytics, Information System Success, Learning and Teaching, Information System Success Model


In these pioneering days of Learning Analytics in higher education, universities are pursuing a diverse range of in-house implementation strategies, with varying degrees of success. In this exploratory study we compare and contrast the approaches taken at three demographically different Australian universities. The comparison is made in the context of Delone and McLean’s information system success model (1992). In time, a consensus-driven method for using Learning Analytics to improve student learning outcomes will eventuate, including individualized learning, but we are still some distance from this level of maturity. It seems likely that user-friendly proprietary platforms will prosper in the climate of uncertainty. Participants in the study see potential in Learning Analytics but are not sure about how best to realize that potential as the implementation of Learning Analytics systems at Australian universities are still very much in their infancy. Proprietary approaches offering sophisticated functionality seem likely to emerge and take precedence over the trial and error approach. This study addresses an apparent gap in the research as limited studies exist targeting both learning analytics and information system success. The methodology taken explores the research topic through a qualitative lense utlising thematic analysis. The study concludes that digital interventions such as Learning Analytics has great potential to optimize teaching and learning practices. Information systems success research can provide insights into what works and what does not in terms of Learning Analytics implementations. The discipline needs to be systematized for efficient implementation, and must deliver tangible benefits over time.




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