Vision - A space for digital learning and exploring pedagogies: Virtual world education


  • Sue Gregory
  • Brent Gregory
  • Lisa Jacka
  • Sharon Lierse
  • Marcus McDonald
  • David Ellis
  • Merle Hearns
  • Suku Sukunesan
  • Pauletta Irwin
  • Blooma John
  • Des Butler
  • Jason Zagami
  • Belma Gaukrodger


Virtual worlds, Second Life, disruption, emerging ideas, lateral connections


The Australian and New Zealand Virtual Worlds Working Group (VWWG) was established in 2009. Members of the group have written papers for ASCILITE conferences since 2010. Each paper’s intention is to provide an overview on using virtual worlds in higher education, especially the practical aspects of incorporating 3D worlds to enhance student learning. This VWWG’s paper looks at a virtual world as a space for digital learning and exploratory pedagogy – meaning, that the authors perhaps do not perceive virtual worlds as ordinary. However, they do acknowledge that those who do not regularly engage in virtual worlds may see it as new and innovative, perhaps even untested ground, but still with a degree of unfamiliarity. A survey was sent to the members of the VWWG in which the narratives have provided rich data for in depth understanding. The themes focused in the survey were ‘disruptive thinking’, ‘emerging ideas’ and ‘lateral connections’, from the perspective of the respondents’ experiences in the implementation of virtual worlds in education. They discuss the idea of a virtual world used in education as a new treasure, or perhaps it has been in use for some time and now classified as traditional.




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Gregory, S., Gregory, B., Jacka, L., Lierse, S., McDonald, . M., Ellis, D., Hearns, M., Sukunesan, S., Irwin, P., John, B., Butler, D., Zagami, J., & Gaukrodger, B. (2022). Vision - A space for digital learning and exploring pedagogies: Virtual world education. ASCILITE Publications, 130–138. Retrieved from