Using TEL for TEL: Building confidence of sessional staff to enhance their students' experience


  • Danielle Logan
  • Hazel Jones
  • Trevor Foster
  • Lenka Boorer


sessional staff, professional learning, BLASST framework, TEL, professional development


Sessional staff capacity building, and the role this plays in overcoming internationally recognised challenges for the provision of quality Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), continues to present a priority for the Higher Education (HE) sector. These sessional staff undertake approximately 40% of the teaching in the Griffith Business School and yet their contribution to quality learning and teaching has largely been unmeasured. This paper describes the backgrounds and experience of sessionals, their career aspirations, and their desires for professional learning and support to enhance the quality of their teaching. This is the first step in a five-stage project adopting an evidence-based approach using TEL to improve the TEL capabilities and confidence of sessional staff. The results of the survey described in this paper (N=47) show that many sessional staff are focused on careers in academia and are motivated to participate in professional learning that leads to formal qualifications. They express interest in engaging in this learning through face-to-face and online formal workshops, informal networking events with each other and faculty, and access to online support resources. The premise for this study and the model introduced, represents an adoptable and adaptable opportunity for the wider HE sector to more effectively deliver sessional staff professional development.




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