Nurturing relationship-rich practices


  • Kelly Matthews The University of Queensland
  • Peter Felten Elon University



Relationships matter - those interactions that connect students with each other, teachers and broader communities for the purpose of learning, being and becoming. Technology plays a key role along with modality, curriculum, pedagogy, feedback and assessment. Tertiary educators capacity to configure all these elements is essential for relationship-rich education. In addition, values come into focus and shape everyday choices that teaching staff make regarding technology and teaching. Kelly and Peter will draw on student voice and partnership literatures, a bit of networked learning scholarship, and their practical teaching experiences to co-facilitate this workshop exploring relationship-rich educational practices. Participants with varying levels of confidence and expertise, differing disciplines, and a range of institutional roles will enrich the workshop experience for all involved. Participants are asked to bring a laptop or smart device to the workshop. The workshop will be open to 50 people attending the conference on-site. 






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