Evaluation of the use of VoiceThread for Assessments


  • Wendy Taleo
  • Alison Reedy
  • Pedro Isaias


VoiceThread, Assessment, Multimodal, Educational Technology


Although multimodality is increasingly used in teaching, learning and assessment, there is little in the literature that speaks to how VoiceThread (VT) is used for assessment purposes in higher education. This study contributes to this knowledge by evaluating how VT was used for assessment purposes at one Australian university and exploring how lecturers and students experience the use of VT in assessment tasks. Data were collected through interviews with lecturers, surveys and a focus group with students and review of the use of the VT tool itself. A five-part VT assessment process was identified and support structures for staff and students were mapped. The study found that despite the multimedia capability of VT, text only slides and text with visual slides were the most common design of student created media, while text, audio and video commenting were used across the six units in the study. Lecturers primarily used audio comments and grades in the feedback process. While assessment submission was not always straight forward, and students required extra support with this unfamiliar tool, the opportunity to engage in multimodal assessment tasks was received positively by students and staff as an opportunity to enhance the diversity of assessment and feedback.




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