Piloting Mobile Mixed Reality to Enhance Building Information Modelling Delivery in Construction Education


  • James Birt
  • Nikolche Vasilevski


virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, mobile learning, BIM, AEC education


With new building information modelling (BIM) workflows becoming required within the architecture, engineering and construction industry, more research is required to understand the best pedagogical delivery methods of this new spatial technology workflow. Mixed reality (MR) and mobile visualisation methods are identified as important technology drivers for rethinking higher education, practice driving learner engagement and spatial information delivery. This paper outlines qualitative results derived through thematic analysis of learner observation and reflections from a technology-enhanced lecture, and hands-on workshop focused on MR-BIM innovation within the construction industry. Forty-five (45) participants from a postgraduate construction course at an Australian University participated in answering the research question: “How do learners perceive the interactive visualisation mode of a presentation delivered through MR-BIM and mobile pedagogy?”. The results of the analysis identified two general themes (learning and technology) and five sub-themes (learning engagement, learning experience, technology experience, technology readiness and technology future). Students felt engaged during the session with observation supporting the reflective analysis evidenced by learners asking questions, commenting on technology possibilities and sharing of their experiences between peers, lecturers and social networks. More work is required on the delivery method, with only one-third of the reflections discussing the learning.




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