A collaborative design model to support hybrid learning environments during COVID-19


  • Thomas Cochrane
  • James Birt
  • Neil Cowie
  • Chris Deneen
  • Paul Goldacre
  • Vickel Narayan
  • Lisa Ransom
  • David Sinfield
  • Tom Worthington


Collaborative learning environment design, COVID-19, hybrid teaching and learning, mobile learning, Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning


COVID-19 has catalyzed online learning environment design across all university disciplines, including the traditionally practice-based disciplines. As we move from a rapid response triage mode of online learning towards a more sustained engagement with a mix of online and face-to- face learning environments (particularly for practice-based learning) we face some unique challenges. This concise paper explores an example of collaborative co-creation and co-design of a resource guide as a response to the challenges of COVID-19 for best practices for designing hybrid learning environments to facilitate distributed learning environments (face-to-face and remote students). The co-creative co-design of the resource guide highlights some of the identified key design principles behind facilitating distributed learning communities.