The Activity-Centred Analysis and Design framework – learning to connect theory, design and practice


  • Lucila Carvalho Massey University
  • Pippa Yeoman
  • Jenny Green



learning activity, educational design, Design for Learning, teaching-as-design


The Activity-Centred Analysis and Design framework has been used to analyse and design a broad range of complex learning situations in universities, schools, museums, and informal settings. This workshop is an invitation to practically engage in innovative educational design, considering how an assemblage of elements – learning tasks, digital and material resources, and people – can be brought together to support productive learning activity. Participants will discuss the application of pedagogical concepts using a set of cards that were specifically created to prompt conversations about design for learning. Working in groups, participants  will consider how their design choices align across scale levels, accommodate socio-cultural and socio-material approaches to learning, and support connection, collaboration and choice across diverse cohorts. The face-to-face half-day workshop will introduce participants to core ideas of the ACAD framework and wireframe, and a series of hands-on design challenges.






ASCILITE Conference - Pre-Conference Workshops