From didactic to interactive – enhancing the student experience through innovative approaches


  • Enosh Yeboah
  • Sunprit Singh
  • Ben Rokvic
  • Stacey Petersen
  • Rachael Lowe
  • Andrew Brock University of Sydney



learning design, workshop, student centered learning


The proposed workshop will demonstrate how to transform learning content into an engaging online experience turning students from passive to active participants (Bryant & Britton, 2021). COVID-19 has engendered a paradigm shift that has highlighted the necessity of asynchronous learning.

Through practice, feedback and ongoing shared reflection the facilitators have developed a cohesive learning design approach. This workshop will break this process down using activities that can be applied in participants’ everyday practice. This approach is adaptable for both qualitative and quantitative subjects, across a range of disciplines.

This learning design approach is built on the following precepts:

  • student-centered learning
  • strategic use of time and resources
  • sustainability for future delivery
  • scalability for large cohorts.

Working within these parameters, participants will explore ways to deliver content that allows students to interact and engage in different ways to aid their overall learning journey. The facilitators will showcase this innovative approach to engagement through the use of asynchronous interventions involving, collaboration, feedback and self-assessment. Participants will then be challenged to creatively align interactive learning tools through storyboarding techniques (Readman, Maker & Davine, 2021).

The facilitators have delivered similar workshops previously to wide-ranging groups of participants from different disciplines, with different levels of experience.






ASCILITE Conference - Pre-Conference Workshops