Experiential Learning in Accounting

Engaging a diverse student cohort through the use of role-plays


  • Rosemary Kerr
  • Ross Taplin
  • Alina Lee
  • Abhi Singh




Experiential learning, role plays, online video, multi-location course delivery


Accounting is a client focused profession requiring interpersonal skills; however multiple offshore and onshore locations and large student numbers preclude all students experiencing work placements. This poster reports the outcomes of experiential learning activities, in the form of short role plays, designed to enhance accounting students' communication skills, problem solving, ethical decision making and application of accounting knowledge. Online video, using YouTube, provided teacher training and student support in how to do role plays in tutorial classes. Online students were encouraged to participate through any electronic medium. Teachers and students from all locations reported the video was a vital resource for the class activity. Students and teachers enjoyed the role plays and perceived the activity was effective in building communication confidence. Online students did not engage with role plays and delivering role play activities to these cohorts presents challenges.