Creating concept vignettes as a module supplement for active and authentic learning


  • Chandrima Chatterjee



Concept vignettes, curriculum, active and interactive learning


Teaching Quantum Mechanics can be a daunting task for instructors. Typical classroom lectures may not be sufficient at times for proper understanding of the fundamental concepts. Hence there is a need to incorporate an effective scheme in the present teaching curriculum to further the learning experience of the students thereby enhancing their understanding of complex and abstract concepts. As such developing short educational and instructional videos known as Concept Vignettes on selected topics can help to supplement the existing lesson materials in quantum mechanics (Garik et al, 2005; Kohnle et al, 2010). Concept Vignette videos have been created on various topics previously by MIT's Teaching and Learning Laboratory and are specially designed to enable students to learn a key concept in Science or Engineering (McKagan et al, 2008; Muller R et al, 2002) . My study will involve developing similar videos (in collaboration with MIT lecturers) with focus on the fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics.