Re/Connecting university teachers with digital teaching tools for “jobs to be done”


  • Meg Colasante Deakin University
  • Iain Doherty Deakin University
  • Chie Adachi Deakin University; Queen Mary University of London



Constructive alignment, Digital technology, University teachers, Higher education


Although constructive alignment is well understood within university teaching practices, technology does not always feature explicitly within this conceptual model. When educators seek digital technologies to assist them in their teaching, how do they find out both what is available to them within their higher education institution and, more importantly, which tools might make a good pedagogical “fit” within their unit of study? One university in Australia recently designed and developed a Teaching and Learning Tools Guide to assist their teachers to determine which educational technologies are available for their various educational purposes. This new resource offers guided navigation to assist teacher choice of tool to align to their intended pedagogical strategy. As an open-source resource, the guide is also offered widely to the higher education community. This paper recommends that this or a similar resource is used to support digital tool choice within the constructive alignment process.

Author Biography

Meg Colasante, Deakin University

Lecturer, Learning Futures