Teaching teachers to propose meaningful learning objectives: A MOOC case study


  • Helder Lima Gusso Federal University of Santa Catarina
  • Maria Laura Silveira dos Santos
  • Maria Luiza de Aguiar Vieira Dias
  • Song Jin Rodriguez de Souza
  • Ruan Schardosim de Oliveira




Learning objectives, learning outcomes, teacher training, MOOC


Learning objectives designate what students should be able to do to transform their social reality. Evidence shows tertiary education teachers usually do not know how to propose meaningful learning objectives. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a MOOC to teach how to formulate relevant learning objectives. This study has measured participant’s retention, performance on the topic, satisfaction and learning perception. A pilot version of this course was made available for 40 days. Out of the 176 participants enrolled, 60.8% completed the course. The average score in the initial test was 5.71, while in the final test was 8.67. 91% of the participants evaluated the course positively. Considering the high retention rate, the proficient performance at the end of the course, and the positive evaluation by participants, it was concluded that the MOOC was effective.