Turn-it-out? Reframing the Academic Integrity Conversation in Online Legal Education


  • Kim Bailey Charles Sturt University
  • Lachlan Kalache
  • Rebecca Acheson




Academic integrity, online legal education, emerging professional identity, authentic assessment


The challenge of academic integrity in online study is not a new phenomenon. For undergraduate law students, a finding of academic misconduct is especially serious, having ramifications for student eligibility to be admitted to legal practice. To date, higher education strategies to address plagiarism, contract cheating, and collusion have predominantly focused on detection methodology / technology via assessment. Reconceptualising the challenge of academic integrity in online learning requires an iterative understanding of the motivations of online learners, informed by the unique engagement challenges associated with adult online learning.  Arguably, the ‘battle’ for integrity can never be won via increased detection and punitive measures; rather a focus on fostering student desire to act with integrity, by helping learners to connect academic integrity with their emerging professional identity is key. This connection must be supported by profession-facing teaching and assessment design, with facilitated learning relationships that build skills and confidence.

Author Biographies

Lachlan Kalache

Lachlan Kalache is the Learning Technology Lead for the Division of Learning and Teaching at Charles Sturt University. A keen educational technologist, Lachlan is passionate about online teacher efficacy and has over 20 years experience crafting professional learning experiences for educators across high school, vocational and higher education sectors.

Rebecca Acheson

Rebecca Acheson is the Educational Design Lead at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, NSW. She leads a team of educational design and development specialists who work collaboratively with academic staff to facilitate educational best practice and innovative curriculum design. She has worked in Higher Education in the field of educational design and quality for over 11 years. She is a strong advocate for the student experience and data informed learning design. Her interests include curriculum design, quality assessment, innovative online learning, and professional development.