Exploring adult learners’ experience with VR-generated feedback for improving online presentation


  • Choon Lang Gwendoline Quek National Institute of Education Nanyang Technology of University
  • Seng Chee Tan National Institute of Education Nanyang Technological University https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8406-0144
  • Kenneth Lim National Institute of Education Nanyang Technological University




feedback, listenability, online presentation performance, speaking pace, Virtual Reality system


Poor presentations could be due to presenters’ lack of presentation skills, and lack of informed knowledge for improvement and feedback to self-monitor the speaking process. In a typical training setting, feedback involves using either video or human-intensive feedback that may not explicitly and effectively target at oral speaking components such as facial expression, eye contact, and gestures. Authentic feedback should be real-timed and aimed to improve presenters’ speaking skills and help them make decisions for targeted improvement. This pilot study reports 50 participants’ experiences. It investigates two groups of participants (VR and Non-VR) and their oral speaking experience, informed by feedback (VR-generated system or human supported), and analyses milestones in their presentations. Participants in the VR group receive VR-generated feedback while those in the Non-VR group receive computer and human feedback. Both groups work towards improving their speaking skills in subsequent presentation activities. Preliminary findings and implications will be discussed.