Whakapiri (Engagement): Using an Indigenous engagement framework to enhance online teaching





Non-traditional students, Online teaching, Indigenous engagement framework


Massey University staff used a New Zealand indigenous (M?ori) engagement framework, developed for working with at-risk youth, to restructure the content and student engagement for an online introductory course with a non-traditional student cohort. Each online teaching page embedded three sections reflecting the concepts of Whakapiri (Engagement), Whakam?rama (Enlightenment) and Whakamana (Empowerment). This sequenced content provision for students, guiding them through an initial topic overview and learning outcomes through to core teaching content and learning activities and finally onto assessments, putting their learning to practice. This framework also underpinned staff engagement approaches with students, focusing on ensuring staff presence online, proactive contact, recognition for learning illustrated, encouragement of class engagement, clarity in course guidance and assessment feedback that praised and empowered change. Compared to the old course, subsequent deliveries showed greater course engagement, improved class GPA of 36%-50%, and feedback confirms a consistently positive and connected student learning experience.