Connecting students with ‘industry’: A pilot implementation of authentic assessment tasks in business education


  • Sandra Barker University of South Australia



authentic assessment, business education, industry connection


Universities are continuing to encourage academics to implement more authentic assessment strategies into their teaching and learning activities to ensure that students are work-ready on graduation. Connecting students with the expectations of industry through these assessments encourages students to identify key competencies which need to be strengthened in order to ensure they are employable upon graduation. Since COVID-19 struck in early 2020, we have all had to consider how technology can assist in connecting people to continue to be able to work. This is no truer than with students and teaching staff as well as connecting students with industry. This paper reports on the implementation of a new authentic assessment project for business students where students worked both face-to-face and online to complete a major work-based project.

Author Biography

Sandra Barker, University of South Australia

Senior Lecturer