Diverse definitions of engagement: Personalised learning analytics to support staff and students


  • Alix Thoeming The University of Sydney
  • Aaron Baird
  • Ruth Weeks
  • Danny Liu
  • Harriet Flitcroft
  • Adam Bridgeman




learning analytics, student support, student engagement, relational pedagogy


Although teachers design learning experiences, their pedagogical and pastoral connections to students and teaching are often unaccounted for in learning analytics approaches. What is needed for analytics to reconnect teachers and students at a unit and program level, and help unit and program coordinators support those students who need it most? We present the approaches and findings from a pilot initiative where a freely available learning analytics platform allowed unit coordinators to define their own contextually unique measures of engagement and allowed program coordinators to see across units. We discuss the forms of outreach afforded by the initiative, the support provided to coordinators, and the implications of learning analytics that are not one-size-fits-all on using data meaningfully to support human connection.