Thanks for the feedback: Reconnecting students with educators using a metacommunication feedback tool


  • Lauren Humby University of Southern Queensland
  • Trisha Poole University of Southern Queensland
  • Alex Charchar University of Southern Queensland



online learning, student feedback, interactive tools


Given the vast number of learning and teaching tools available to assist in the online delivery of courses, academics and educators have found it difficult to identify which tools students find the most useful for learning. This paper discusses the development of a new tool conceptualised and developed by the authors of this concise paper, which is designed to elicit immediate student feedback about online learning content and activities. Results from a small pilot study examining the potential of the tool to measure and improve student engagement in a second-year criminology elective delivered online are also presented. Providing opportunities for students to give immediate feedback is vital to improving the quality of learning and teaching. Educators can (re)connect with students studying online, improve their understanding of the needs of online learners, and tailor learning content and activities throughout the semester leading to improved student satisfaction, student-teacher relationships, and learner outcomes.