Developing feedback literacy capabilities through an AI automated feedback tool


  • Laura Tubino Deakin University
  • Chie Adachi Deakin University



artificial intelligence, feedback literacy, automated feedback


The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in teaching has mainly focused on providing students with immediate, and more, feedback while reducing teachers’ workload. In this paper, we propose a shift in thinking about the role AI can play in developing students’ feedback literacy. Through the reflection of a University wide T&L pilot project ran with an AI tool for automated feedback, we frame a discourse on the use of AI for teaching and learning to promote and further develop students’ feedback literacy capabilities, including the dispositions required for a meaningful partnership with their teachers in relation to feedback. This paper reports the interactions of higher education students with an AI automated feedback tool and discusses its affordances in relation to the development of students’ feedback literacy capabilities. Implications for further refinement of this tool are also presented.