University learning partnerships

Enhancing learning, enabling innovation and addressing challenges in schools


  • Amanda Samson
  • Eduardo Oliveira University of Melbourne



learning partnerships, university collaboration, academia and industry, enterprise and education


Universities hold a significant advantage in the development of enterprising learning partnerships where internal and intentional collaboration can assist in addressing complex problems. Building a collaborative learning partnership between faculties enhances learning, removes blocks to enterprise and addresses industry problems. The learning partnership developed in this collaboration included academic staff from two different faculties, a team of students as well as input from external stakeholders including schools and pre-service teacher candidates. The approach included digital expertise and developmental pedagogies; with a shared outcome designed to meet the enterprise goals of the industry’s partner. The student team developed confidence and capacity in their ability to communicate with the industry partner as they were encouraged to be creative, equal participants with the agency to take risks and problem solve. The tangible outcome was the delivery of a minimum viable product that has potential to address issues around teacher shortage and other limits to school resourcing. Learning partnerships within universities facilitate authentic learning and encouraged enterprise.