Behavioural insights for better teaching and learning


  • Filia Garivaldis Monash University



behavioural science, teaching and learning innovation, behaviour change, expert elicitation, professional development


A persisting assumption in education is that students have the same passion and motivation to learn that educators have to teach. This assumption can lead to the use of a familiar but narrow set of solutions for addressing teaching and learning challenges. However, there are many barriers students face when attempting to engage fully with their courses or units of study, that are seldom addressed by educators. Behavioural science can offer valuable insights into addressing such barriers. From understanding students and the context of their learning better, to designing pedagogical methods better aligned with these needs, behavioural science can help create targeted solutions to the ongoing challenges experienced in the field of education. In this workshop, we offer a range of practical and theoretical examples from the area of behavioural science, that challenge the assumption that providing access to learning material is enough. We also draw on the expertise of educators and scholars in higher education, to brainstorm solutions, beyond just the use of pedagogy, that can address some of these challenges.






ASCILITE Conference - Pre-Conference Workshops