Mapping the connection between Learning Analytics and Learning Design


  • Linda Corrin Deakin University
  • Nancy Law
  • Minghui Chen McMaster University



Learning design, Learning analytics, Evaluation, Implementation


Over the past decade many have attempted to articulate the connection between Learning Design (LD) and Learning Analytics (LA) in the form of a framework or model. However, there are now so many of these that it is difficult for practitioners to determine which ones are best for which circumstances. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to a new LD/LA map which brings together the key elements from across the multitude of frameworks in order to assist in the operationalisation of learning analytics in higher education. The aim of the workshop is to apply the framework to learning scenarios to evaluate and critique its effectiveness in informing the development of LA systems and interventions. The outcome of the workshop will be a better understanding of the utility of the map and a shared vocabulary relating to how we can talk about the connection of LD and LA in educational environments.






ASCILITE Conference - Pre-Conference Workshops