Modifying assessment tasks to ensure learning occurs in the era of artificial intelligence


  • Edward Palmer University of Adelaide



Artificial Intelligence, Assessment, SAMR


The launch of ChatGPT 3.5 in November 2022 has had a profound influence on teaching and learning from both students’ and staff members’ engagement. It is unclear how students are engaging with AI in creating submissions for assessments tasks, potentially impacting their learning. It is also unclear how educators are modifying their assessment design and how this may be impacting the learning outcomes of their cohorts. University systems run at a slow pace meaning that policies, course and program changes are not able to engage at the rate staff need in order to respond to this new technology. Staff have been left to deal with the use of AI in assessment tasks, often with little guidance or sufficient digital skills to make relevant changes or modifications.


This workshop will focus on the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and assessment. Participants will be given structured activities to understand and develop activities that provide learning for students without being compromised by artificial intelligence. They will apply their learning in the workshop to an assessment they are using or plan to use.






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