Adapting assessment for/despite generative artificial intelligence

a national guidance framework


  • Jason Lodge The University of Queensland
  • Michael Henderson Monash University
  • Christine Slade The University of Queensland
  • Chris Deneen University of South Australia



artificial intelligence, assessment design, academic integrity, ethical literacy, professionalism


Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has put significant pressure on established assessment practices in tertiary education. These new technologies can produce key artifacts such as essays and laboratory reports that are routinely used to infer where students are in their learning. This panel reports on the outcomes of an Australian national forum to develop a set of guiding principles in response to the ways generative AI is changing the landscape of assessment. This includes rethinking what we assess; how we assure students’ work is their own; how we promote learning through the use of gen AI; how we build appropriate digital literacies through assessment; and how we build human capabilities for working in an AI-mediated world. Building on the output of the workshop, the panel will delve into some of the key challenges and how the guidance can be applied across contexts in tertiary education.

Author Biography

Jason Lodge, The University of Queensland

Associate Professor 






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