Building cognitive bridges in mathematics

Exploring the role of screencasting in scaffolding flexible learning and engagement


  • Catherine McLoughlin
  • Birgit Loch



screencasts, mathscasts, STEM, mathematics, multimodal learning, digital learning objects,, conceptual understanding, learning sciences


Conceptual learning in mathematics can be made more accessible with mathscasts, which are dynamic, digitally recorded playbacks of worked examples and mathematical problem-solving on a computer screen, accompanied by audio narration. Mathscasts aim to enable students to develop deeper understanding of key foundational concepts in order to equip them to undertake degrees in Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Previous research has indicated the success of maths screencasts to provide explanations of complex concepts and reinforcement of concepts previously learnt. The project presented here extends current research by demonstrating the value of visual, interactive screencasts for learning of mathematics, and investigates students' perceptions. A survey of students' use of screencasts identifies learners' usage patterns, the significance of offering mathematics support via mathscasts in flexible mode, and students' integration of mathscasts into their study strategies. The results show positive implications for the integration of multimodal learning resources in STEM environments.






ASCILITE Conference - Full Papers