No more lonely learning

Applying Salmon's Carpe Diem process of subject re-design to three fully online postgraduate nursing subjects in a regional Australian university


  • Kristin Wicking
  • Cecily Knight
  • Scott Bradey
  • David Lindsay
  • Stephen Anderson



online learning, Carpe Diem, nursing, active learning, curriculum design


This study contributes to the literature on curriculum design for nursing education. Three fully online, postgraduate nursing subjects in a regional Australian university were re-designed using Salmon's Carpe Diem team-based, two-day intensive workshop process. An exploratory descriptive mixed methods design was used to evaluate both the process undertaken and the deliverables produced in this project. Workshop participants unanimously reported strongly positive experiences during the workshop itself, and both the teaching staff and the students enjoyed a positive, enthusiastic and engaged teaching and learning experience when the redesigned subjects were deployed. Student statistics regarding access to the subject website, and student performance in the subject, were both markedly improved when compared to prior offerings of the subjects. The Carpe Diem process was demonstrated to be fit for our purpose and context.






ASCILITE Conference - Concise Papers