Using Gamification and Mixed Reality Visualization to Improve Conceptual Understanding in ICT System Analysis and Design


  • Juan Muñoz
  • Michael Cowling
  • James Birt



mixed reality, gamification, visualization, modelling and design, systems analysis


This paper presents a research design and intervention that investigates how the use of mixed reality visualization and gamification can be applied to an ICT systems analysis and design course. The research focuses on a learning approach of an ICT modelling and design framework based on visual augmentation of traditional course content and class delivery. Assessment of the learning impact in regards to learners, system components and their interaction in system scenarios will be performed. Allowing learners to explore and discover information in the form of a gamified scavenger hunt that supports scaffolding learning chunks, aims to assist them towards a conceptual understanding of the solution. Educators can incorporate selected representations of key learning artefacts and resources in an augmented capacity using a variety of media such as 2d images, videos, graphics, simulations, and 3d models applied into the design process and promote active learning in the classroom.






ASCILITE Conference - Concise Papers