Using a Video-Based Critique Process to Support Studio Pedagogies in Distance Education

A Tool and Pilot Study


  • William Billingsley
  • Bing Ngu
  • Huy Phan
  • Nicolas Gromik
  • Paul Kwan



Online education, studio pedagogies, video-based assessment


Studio courses have become a key way in which professional skills, especially those involving collaboration and design, are taught in many fields, including computer science. Studios typically involve students working on a design problem, periodically presenting their work for critique, and critiquing the work of other students or groups. They support productive inquiry, as well as teamwork, communication, and reflection. However, although studios have become an important mode of instruction for on-campus students, they have not typically been offered for online or distance education students. In this paper we describe a studio critique process that is designed to work asynchronously, using short videos, and a tool that we have built to support it. We also describe qualitative observations from a pilot study, in which video-based critiques were used at a university whose students predominantly study online rather than on-campus. 






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