Pre-service teachers’ reflections on their participation in 1:1 laptop programs


  • Rebecca Maria Walker
  • Susan Ellen Blackley



ICTs, laptops, pre-service teachers


A number of government and non-government schools have implemented a one-laptopper-student (1:1) policy. Whilst there was initial interest in the implementation of these programs, little has been done to track the uptake of digital learning technologies afforded by access to the laptops. This study examined tertiary students’ reflections on their experiences with 1:1 laptop programs after graduating from secondary school and at the commencement of their Bachelor of Education course. It is an extension of a previous study conducted by the researchers (authors, 2015) that presented findings about teachers’ use of laptops in 1:1 laptop program schools. The objectives of this second-phase research were to: 1) Capture recollections of the students’ experience of 1:1 laptop programs, 2) Categorise these recollections into positive and negative experiences, 3) Investigate the impact of 1:1 laptop programs on students’ perceptions of teaching with ICTs and their personal learning at University.