Authentic context as a foundation for gamification and game-based learning


  • Hanna Teräs
  • Marko Teräs
  • Jarmo Viteli



Authentic learning, context, gamification, game-based learning, interaction design


Engage learners, the results of these endeavours are varied and there is still limited understanding of the success factors and design principles of pedagogically meaningful gamified and game-based learning Gamified and game-based learning are becoming increasingly widespread in formal education. While the primary motivation for employing gamification and game-based learning tends to be the attempt to motivate and. This paper suggests that understanding the role of an authentic context is a useful starting point for a meaningful gamified learning design. Drawing from human-computer interaction and educational research in situated and authentic learning it proposes the first steps for a roadmap towards a deeper understanding of the phenomena of gamification and game-based learning, venturing beyond the “fun factor”.