Building a framework for improved workplace assessment practice and better outcomes through online platforms


  • Mark Schier
  • Louise Dunn



Work Integrated Learning, WIL, assessment, portfolio


This paper discusses the development of an online platform used to build upon an existing system for assessing student workplace learning. It includes the background and rationale for the project, an overview of a rubric developed for the purpose of improving the understanding of the assessment criteria for all stakeholders. Our aim was to improve the pedagogical approach to student workplace learning in order to enhance learning outcomes for students as well as providing benefits to the university and workplace supervisors. To do this, we created a streamlined approach to assessment within the LMS at our university (Blackboard) enabling students to upload and submit their WIL portfolios. A more consistent process for academic supervisors to grade and provide timely feedback to the students, greater clarity in assessment requirements for students and workplace supervisors appears to have has been well achieved.