Personalising professional learning mobility in Higher Education


  • Maxine Mitchell
  • Caroline Cottman



learning mobility, professional learning, digital technologies


The trends and impacts of digital technologies in the higher education sector mean that change is an ongoing, organic factor in response to the personalised nature in which society works, learns, lives, communicates, and connects. Such dynamic educational settings provide new environments for learning mobility that transcend boundaries of time, place, convention and learning community. This paper is fundamentally concerned with how educators, as adult learners, learn in a time when institutions, through their teaching staff, are attempting to address the fast pace innovations in learning and teaching. This paper describes a regional university’s approach to reconceptualising a model of professional learning that offers personalised, collaborative, and transformative learning experiences for its educators. The aim is to develop professional learning initiatives that are responsive to the educator’s learning mobility needs whilst also enriching the student learning experience and addressing institutional strategic priorities.