The three pillars to building staff capability to create digital learning experiences


  • Catherine Manning
  • Hero Macdonald



digital learning, capability building, staff professional development, global challenges in education, digitally enabled learning for a global society


Many institutions are grappling with building staff capability in the complex task of designing and creating high-quality, technology-rich digital learning experiences informed by pedagogy. This paper provides an overview of a pilot program with two interactions implemented at the University of Melbourne called the Digital Learning Design (DLD) program. Focused on building Library’s organisational capability the program was built on three pillars of staff capability; deep knowledge of learning theory, learning design principles and skills in selecting digital technologies. The DLD design drew on research in change management, effective capability building as well as best practice in developing digital technology skills. Learners experienced the learning theories taught with the program design including the concepts of the flipped classroom, authentic learning and community of practice. This paper showcases an innovative and successful approach to addressing the issue of enduring staff capability to create digital learning experiences.