A blended learning ecosystem

What are the motivational issues for students?


  • Maggie Hartnett
  • Alison Kearney
  • Mandia Mentis




blended learning, self-directed learning, motivation, inquiry learning and inter-professional learning,, learning ecosystems


As technologies evolve, the places and spaces for learning are rapidly changing and learners are required to take increasing responsibility for directing their own learning. By doing so, students are presented with a range of opportunities and challenges within these complex learning environments. Research suggests that an important consideration is the effect on learner motivation. This paper reports on motivational issues for students working within an online post-graduate professional teacher education programme that blends lecturer-directed and student-directed learning. In 2014, students completed a survey about their experiences of setting their own learning goals and negotiating their own curriculum with an emphasis on motivation. This was followed by a series of interviews aimed at exploring these experiences in more depth. Preliminary findings highlight anxiety about choosing course content and setting learning goals were among key concerns identified by students. Results provide insight into motivational considerations for learners in complex learning eco-systems.