A learning analytics tool to provide teachers with useful data visualisations


  • Linda Corrin
  • Gregor Kennedy
  • Paula de Barba
  • Aneesha Bakharia
  • Lori Lockyer
  • Dragan Gasevic
  • David Williams
  • Shane Dawson
  • Scott Copeland




Learning Analytics, Higher education, Learning Design, Data Visualisation


One of the great promises of learning analytics is the ability of digital systems to generate meaningful data about students’ learning interactions that can be returned to teachers. If provided in appropriate and timely ways, such data could be used by teachers to inform their current and future teaching practice. In this paper we showcase the learning analytics tool, Loop, which has been developed as part of an Australian Government Office of Learning and Teaching project. The project aimed to develop ways to deliver learning analytics data to academics in a meaningful way to support the enhancement of teaching and learning practice. In this paper elements of the tool will be described. The paper concludes with an outline of the next steps for the project including the evaluation of the effectiveness of the tool.