TPACK Framework

Implications for Teacher Education


  • Chris Campbell
  • Aisha Al-Harthi
  • Arafeh Karimi



learning design, TPACK, teacher education, cloud-based content


With the advent ubiquitous computing, cloud-based content creation is becoming more popular and readily accessible. In Malaysia the government equipped 10,000 public primary and secondary schools with 4G Internet connectivity and a cloud-based learning environment called the Frog VLE. This study investigated the alignment and compatibility the TPACK framework to teachers’ learning designs. A rubric was developed, based on the TPACK framework, and after feedback from an expert panel, 152 cloud-based sites were analysed. Results show that most areas were somewhat aligned with the TPACK framework while three areas were fully aligned and one area was minimally aligned. The fully aligned areas were use of links, design navigation flow and design functionality. The minimally aligned area was interactivity. This research finding can potentially inform teacher education as if specifically taught this can empower teachers when creating cloud-based content.