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ASCILITE Publications provides a peer-reviewed fully open access publication platform for traditional and non-traditional publications in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) in Australasia and abroad. It aims to provide a scholarly distribution and publication pathway for these alternative forms of best practice and thought to traditional journal articles - increasing the reach and impact of TEL to international contributions and an audience beyond the academy. ASCILITE Publications encourages contributions and involvement from early-career academics (including RHD candidates), teaching practitioners and professional staff.


Introducing APUBS


Some exciting news - the ASCILITE Executive have established a publications team to setup ASCILITE Publications (APUBS) as our own platform for publishing ASCILITE Conference papers and a publication pathway for 'non-traditional’ articles from the ASCILITE community. This is a work in progress as we setup and configure a self-hosted version of the Open Journal System (OJS), with the ASCILITE 2022 Conference using APUBS as the submission, review, and publication platform for the first time. 

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2019: ASCILITE 2019 Conference Proceedings: Personalised Learning. Diverse Goals. One Heart
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The 2019 ASCILITE annual conference was hosted by Singapore University of Social Sciences, 2nd to 5th December.

Editors: Y. W. Chew, K. M. Chan, and A. Alphonso

Published: 2021-09-06

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